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Tonneau Cover – Soft Lids Carryboy

Simple Installation
NO drilling, NO damage!
A perfect fit. Snaps along cab rail allows quick and easy loading. Edge installs in less than 20 minutes with no-drill, easy to attach clamps.

PVC Super Track
The Soft Lid the world’s most convenient and easy to use roll-up style tonneau in the industry. Revolutionary components provide a secure, non-nonsense installation in just minutes!

3 Belt
Integrated buckle straps secure folded tonneau to cab rail.

Rod Support Housing
No loose parts – Cover completely rolls up and self stores in seconds.

Aluminum Side Rail with Super Track
Its anodized aluminum rails provide ample support, and the included secure straps hold the rolled-up tarp against your cab when open.

Perfect Lock
securely stays in place and will not vibrate loose. One-finger removal of tail rail using.

The Soft Tonneau Cover
are ideal for covering and protecting cargo.

Soft Tonneau Cover is one of the most versatile covers on the market. After easy installation, you can get full access to your truck bed AND have the security and protection from the elements.

Softlid products are made specifically
for your pick-up truck.


Pick-Up Soft Covers
The ultimate quality choice when nothing but premium metal components will do. Exclusive and patented all-climate tarp design that’s fully adjustable for easy use
The Soft Lid is named that for a reason. This soft top tonneau cover simply rolls up against your cab for full bed access when you need it and closes up tight to keep your cargo covered. It features a great leather-grain textured PVC tarp for stylish OEM looks.

Easy Open
And Close
The Seamless design keeps elements such as rain and sleet from entering your pickup bed and harming your cargo. In addition, they block expensive merchandise from prying eyes, giving you piece of mind knowing your tools/cargo are safe.

The development in all details makes
the hard covers to be more efficiency in aerodynamics. Air stream pass through truck and tonneau cover very splendid. The test from Bira International Circuit (Pattaya) proofs that it can save up to 15%. We design Sport-lid as Aerodynamics method to decrease friction forces. Tonneau cover is design to be a streamline figure which helps decreasing coefficient of friction up to 14% After more over 1,000 hours of test session of design appearance that helps about rain flowing to the side tonneau cover so perfectly in the wind tunnel by the Faculty of Engineering, King Mongkut’s Institute of Technology Ladkrabang. We are devoted in all details to increase streamline and potential in driving

Cover Design
Distinct arched soft lid design with a stylish look that improves the appearance of any truck. Simply open the soft lid and release the quick latch. To close, rotate the cover into the latch assembly and press closed.

The Original
Soft Cover
Soft tonneau cover look with the peace of mind in know that you have your bed covered with the latest tonneau cover technology. Allows full access to the bed of your truck for hauling and transporting cargo.

Applications for
built world-wide
Increase your truck’s style and overall performance with the Soft Tonneau Cover. Built with smooth Black PVC, this soft tonneau cover adds rugged style to your truck bed and improves your ride’s aerodynamics to save you money at the pump.


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