Tonneau Cover – Carryboy GSR Type

Constructed from the
highest-quality fiberglass materials
Non-corrosion. Durable to the temperature
of -30 to +120 degree, depends on the
truck usage.
Strong structure with water leakage and fracture protection.
Light weight; lighter than steel 4 times, so it will be easy
to lift up, assemble, and install. Cost saving.
Non-decay. Durable with all situations and surroundings.
Smooth surface makes low friction
Electric insulator. No heat conduction.
Easy to care and repair.
Colorful. UV durability.



Sports Hard Tonneau Cover
A CARRYBOY Fiberglass Tonneau provides security for your cargo, sleek, contemporary styling, tight, protection for your pickup bed covers. This is ready for you to proof what’s beyond the smart sport features design. With an aerodynamics accuracy which helps decreasing aerodynamic drag coefficient (Cd) up to 14% This makes Carryboy’s Sport Lid so successful in fuel save, because it can be save up to 15%


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