RAW 4×4 Leaf Springs


Leaf springs not only support the weight of your vehicle but position the vehicles axle and act as a torque rod to stop “axle wrap” upon acceleration. It is important that you choose a leaf spring that is suitable for your application.
Raw 4×4 leaf springs have been designed to achieve the best possible ride for your 4×4 whilst increasing your ride height, improving overall suspension travel.

Available for : Hilux, Strada, Ranger, Navara, D-Max, BT50

Made from high quality steel, RAW 4×4 springs include the following features:

-Military Wrapped Eyes for extra safety in the instance of a main leaf breaking
-Drawn tapered & diamond cut leaves to aid in load distribution over a larger surface area
-Scrag testing ensures the spring takes a permanent set, reducing the chances of the leaves sagging
-Inter leaf anti friction liners between the springs leaves to reduce friction and improve ride comfort
-Two stage leaf pack for additional support when the vehicle is heavily laden.

Please note: The above feature are represented as an example, some springs in our range may not have all of the above features.


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