RAW 4×4 Coil Springs


When traveling off road over long distances load bearing accessories such as a bull bar, winch and a long range fuel tank are essential pieces of equipment for you to return home safely. All of these types of accessories add weight to the vehicle, where the original equipment coils were never designed to carry this type of weight.
A set of RAW 4×4 coil springs will significantly improve the ability of your 4×4 to carry this additional weight whilst enhancing the vehicles performance in terms of stability, load carrying and towing capabilities.

Available for : Fortuner, Hilux, Pajero Sport, Strada, Ranger, Navara, D-Max, BT50

RAW 4×4 springs have been manufactured using the following high quality processes:

-Formed on precision mandrels
-State of the art heat treatment
-Shot peened
-Fully scragged and load tested
-Powder coated finish

By matching your coil springs with a set of Raw 4×4 shock absorbers, you gain the advantage of having a fully integrated suspension system.


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