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Suspension – Profender Shock Front and Rear with 4 Adjustable knob

Available for Pajero Sport, Fortuner, Hilux, Triton, Navara, Ranger T6


Have you ever imagined being able to adjust your ride the way you want it?
Profender now has its product line of different adjustable shocks. Profender Adjustable Shocks are designed with an adjustable knob at the lower end of the body that allows you to configure your ride depending on your needs and your desired comfort. This gives you a freedom to decide on the quality of ride and handling control you want in no time!
Profender 35mm Bore Adjustable Gas Shocks
Profender 35mm bore adjustable shocks are built with a 16mm shaft. They are designed with a control knob at the bottom allowing you to adjust your ride according to your needs. Each has nine different knob adjustment settings for you to choose depending on what you want to suit your needs. This special feature of this adjustable shock also allows you to control the amount of handling you need for the shock to work in different road conditions and different weight loads.

Profender 40mm Bore Adjustable Gas Shock
Profender 40mm bore adjustable gas shocks are designed with a 20mm shaft. They are made for heavy duty use. These are perfect for all types of road condition – on road or off road. Each is designed with an adjustable knob which can be adjusted in nine different settings to suit all your road needs. This knob allows you to vary the amount of handling control you desire for your ride. This gives you all the liberty you need in controlling the quality of your ride, the weight of your vehicle or just getting your desired handling in all conditions you may get into. All of that, in just a dial!

Profender 35mm Bore Adjustable Cellular Foam Steering Damper
Profender 35mm bore adjustable cellular foam steering damper come with a 20mm shaft. It offers you the performance of nine absorber shocks in one! This adjustable shock is designed with a tuning knob that allows you to set your ride according to what you need. It allows you to quickly adapt to any driving condition you may encounter.


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