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Interior – Locktech Double Locking System

Product description:

-The lock still working even the first lock was destroyed
-New innovation to prevent an accident
-Connecting to car electronic system with Y-Socket (standard for OEM supplier)
-Parts made of solidify steel with Carburizing system in 50-60 HRS which prevent from sawing efficiently
-Light Weight, not interfere with the diminishing of steering wheel in case of accident
-Cannot Start Car Engine While Locking
-Start Switch Cutting System in Automatic Car
-Solidified Steel



For cars you really care about.. Before it is too late..

Today just having a car alarm doesn’t guarantee your car’s safety. The LOCKTECH Car Lock is the ultimate and complimentary theft protection for your valuable car. Your loved car is vulnerable to theft when left unattended. With the LOCKTECH Car Lock you can drive your special car without worrying about where or how long you’ll park it.

Stop worrying, the LOCKTECH Car Lock will protect your vehicle while out on the streets and in your garage. The Car Lock is all you really need. It’s easy to use, quick to install and effective. Thieves will not be able to drive a car secured with the LOCKTECH Car Lock.


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