TJM Awning 2.5 Meter

The new TJM awning is available in 2m and 2.5m length. Its lightweight and rugged construction, these blinds are simply mounted on road vehicles or camping vehicles. In the two aluminum profiles respectively telescopically adjustable standing feet and horizontal struts are housed. Thus, the awning is also available without the guys in the corners, which must of course be fitted with mandatory wind.With a little planning, the awning can also be installed by one person alone.The front aluminum profile is equipped with a channel rail additionally an awning or windshield can be recovered.

so easy to set up that you don’t have to wait to go camping. It provides the ideal UV shade for sport spectating, BBQs or day trips. The shade is self-standing, height adjustable and easy to setup. Completely waterproof, the PVC coated polyester shade provides the perfect weather protection.




  • 2000mm wide by 2100mm deep in size.
  • Self standing, height adjustable & very easy to deploy.
  • PVC coated polyester shade cover provides UV protection & is completely water resistant.
  • Guy ropes & pegs supplied for windier conditions.
  • Awning secured in durable nylon reinforced PVC bag.

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